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Merry Christmas and happy Friday!

I’ve been too busy baking Scandinavian goodies to post any festive recipes (yet!), but I decided to mix things up today and throw out a few Christmas gift ideas for the foodie in your life!

All of the following products are things I either have and love or would love to have and love. None of them are sponsored; they’re just friendly ideas straight from yours truly!

I already have half a closet dedicated to baking pans, decorating tools, bright serving dishes, and cupcake memorabilia, but it seems like there are always new and fun products out there, and it’s hard for me to be a minimalist when it comes to baking.

Well, let’s be real. It’s hard for me to be a minimalist when it comes to a lot of things! #thestruggle

Here are a few products that I think are worth the storage (or stomach) space they hog…

  1. KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Raspberry Ice. I lived almost a quarter-century without a KitchenAid mixer, and I firmly believed it was a beautiful but unnecessary kitchen luxury. Then I got one on sale and my life was forever changed. You can make just about anything without one of these babies, but perfect buttercream? No way. A hand mixer can do the job well enough, but nothing compares to frosting whipped up in a stand mixer. There are plenty of beautiful colors to choose from, but I’m partial to this raspberry ice shade with the see-through mixing bowl. If your color of choice comes with the metal bowl, never fear! You can always purchase a glass one separately to fit it.
  2. Eat Cake for Breakfast Mug from kate spade new york. Because it’s just cute and quirky and a little sassy. And it happens to boast a life motto I adopted at a very young age. I love Kate Spade’s entire “Eat Cake for Breakfast” line (for obvious reasons), but the mug is a personal favorite since it can so conveniently hold one’s morning coffee to go along with said morning cake.
  3. Actually just the entire kate spade new york kitchen line. There are too many cute things to choose from! And once in a while you can sniff out a sale.
  4. Calphalon Nonstick Cupcake Pan with Cover. I have two of these pans (although mine have semi-translucent pink covers) and they’re lifesavers for transporting cupcakes. You can stack them both with and without cupcakes inside, so they don’t take up much space and they nearly guarantee a safe, smudge-free ride for your frosted little cakes.
  5. The Cheesecake Factory White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake from Harry and David. I’m mildly obsessed with The Cheesecake Factory in case you failed to notice, and the White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is my absolute favorite! Although they’re all stellar. I should know because I’ve tried every one. 🙂 You can order a whole cheesecake from Harry and David, and they’ll deliver it right to your doorstep…for a price.
  6. Cheesecake Factory gift cards. If you buy someone a $25 gift card this month, YOU get two complimentary cheesecake certificates for yourself. That, my friends, is what I call a win-win. NOTE: You MUST redeem these (the cheesecake vouchers specifically) between January 1 and March 31, 2017!! I have learned this the hard way and it was not pretty.
  7. Ateco #809 Round Tip. It can be so hard to find the large round tips for frosting cupcakes! I’ve purchased plenty of them that looked round enough but failed to deliver the look I was going for, finally finding my favorite one at Kitchen Conservatory.
  8. 16-Inch Featherweight Piping Bag from Wilton. I know everyone says you can use any old plastic baggie for piping, but I’ve never been able to make that work. I like Wilton’s disposable piping bags, but I like this one even better because it’s easy to rewash and reuse. I even put it in the dishwasher! This is my favorite size because it holds a lot of frosting but isn’t enormous.
  9. BLENDTEC Blender. I don’t have one of these, but I’ve always wanted one. All the cool coffee shops have them and according to the YouTubers, they can blend iPhones into dust! (Something which I will not be trying.) I am so over the cheap-o blenders from regular retailers (although so far a Black Friday Vitamix purchase of two years ago has held out longer than any other!), and these high-rated blenders seem to be getting more and more affordable, at long last.
  10. A dozen Georgetown Cupcakes. These are expensive, man, but oh, are they worth it. If you get on their mailing list, you can occasionally score 20% off (a few years ago they offered 40% off once in a while but I haven’t seen that in a long time). These are honestly the best cupcakes you will ever consume in your life.

There you have it, folks: my top 10 foodie gift suggestions! There definitely seems to be a theme here…you think? 🙂

What can I say? I unashamedly possess a sweet tooth.

What are YOUR foodie faves to give or get? Do tell.

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